PopGrid for Instagram

A straight-to-the-point app for creating fun video collages.

PopGrid is a simple way to tell your story, from many angles, in a single video.

Record up to 9 clips, then PopGrid magically stitches them together into one awesome story that you can share anywhere.

Get the whole scene in a single video for:

- Step by step recipes

- Gym workouts

- A fun trip

- All your friends faces in a party

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πŸ‘‹ Hey guys! This is the 4th app we launch this year. Very excited. πŸ™Œ PopGrid is a dead simple app for creating video collages. There's a lot of apps that let you create video collages, but they're overly complicated and offer way too many features when all we want is a quick video collage to tell a story. PopGrid does away with the complications. Just record your clips, and hit generate to get your video collage. Then you can easily share to Instagram, or save it to share it anywhere you want. Hope you guys enjoy! πŸš€
Would love to use in on Android.
Nice app and have curated it to my collections. A few thoughts/questions: - will you be making it possible for each video to be saved separately to the camera roll? - will you enable uploading video not just filming in-app? - any plans for a paid app so there is no Popgrid branding? Thanks
@krishnade Great feedback! I hadn't thought about saving each video separately, but a good idea! Point 2, yes! Point 3, yes!
@pddro You are welcome - looking forward to the updates - make sure you post them here so we can learn about them!