PopcornTime iOS App

Watch movies & TV shows instantly on iOS (no jailbreak req.)

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Finally! What took you so long?! :) UPDATE: WTF? This is sin't PopcornTime.io app! This is Time4Popcorn... Any explanation?
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@makystojanovic yeah these "Popcorn time" apps people keep writing about are not the official open source project. Be careful with these
@raulriera Made a mistake and downloaded it. It wont even go beyond splash screen. Immediately deleted.
@makystojanovic how do you delete it? I am searching for it on my drive and I can't find what it installed. It runs the installer but I don't know what else it's running
@kenrossi I just deleted the app and the installer just like any other app.
Popcorn Time, an app for streaming video torrents, is available to download for iOS now. The app has technically been available for iOS before, but it required jailbreaking your device first. This is achieved using a special iOS installer that slips a Popcorn Time build past iOS’ security features. You’ll need a Windows computer (a Mac installer is in the works): connect your iOS device and follow the instructions to load the app. The good news is that this is just necessary for the installation process, so even if you use a Mac or a Linux computer, you can still get Popcorn Time on your iPhone or iPad.
Gonna wait this one out.
always crashing
How do you all know that this doesn't jailbreak your phone? And how do you know that you are not installing a malware into your iPhone? There is a different between "no jailbreak needed" and "I bundle jailbreak for you". I am not sure what this really does and therefore remain cautious". This appears all shady to me, a very sweet bait with free movies is good enough to entire people to install about anything on their most personal device. I would welcome an iOS open source app that anyone can vet and build themselves into their device instead.