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Send User Actions and Form Data to your Analytics Tools

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Popcorn Metrics makes it super easy to track events without you needing to write custom code. Helps track actual user behaviour on your website, like when users search for items, fill in forms, download resources, add stuff to their cart, or when they login. Forwards those events and the form data to your account be it to Google Analytics, mixpanel, KISSmetrics, Trak.io, Customer.io, segment.io accounts.
@kwdinc Sweet hunt, I need to check this out again. Sounds like it has evolved quite a bit since I last spoke with the founders 14 months ago (when it was known as Startup Dashboard).
@kwdinc Hi Kevin, we just got access to comment. I wanted to thank you for posting us here on Product Hunt! :) We've got more good stuff coming!! If I can be any help at all please just give me a shout. best, Paul (CEO, CoFounder, PopcornMetrics.com)
@BlendahTom Hi Tom, glad you like our product!! If I can help at all please just give me a shout. best, Paul (CEO, CoFounder, PopcornMetrics.com)
@kjemperud Hi Thomas, yeah man that was a long time ago huh?!!! (We've come a long way since those early days!! We did a massive zoom-in pivot!!) If you want to get started for a closer look I'll help you with anything you need. cheers man!, Paul (CEO, CoFounder, PopcornMetrics.com)
@Copypastaa it seems like these guys understand the job someone is trying to accomplish at a micro level.
@alexandre_ali hey Alexandre, yeah Heap Analytics are really good. I think the only limit there would be that you can only use their analytics (as apposed to sending your events and from data, searches etc into other analytics tools). Hublo seem to have changed direction a few months ago to be more focused on targeted Display Ad messaging. Thanks for getting involved in the conversation. If I can be any help just give me a shout. best, Paul (CEO, CoFounder, PopcornMetrics.com)
@Copypastaa hi Sylvain. Segment.io rocks!! You can use Popcorn Metrics with Segment.io for events and get the best of all worlds..!! Give me a shout if I can help with anything. best, Paul (CEO, CoFounder, PopcornMetrics.com)
@BlendahTom Hi (again) Tom! We're building the product that we needed ourselves. There's lots more in the pipeline... Love to get a chat with you sometime.. best, Paul
As someone building an analytics company (Trakio) I can say that it's great knowing that when non-tech leads come to us, or when they know their engineering dpt. wouldn't be able to commit to integration, we can send them to Popcorn Metrics and know that the guys there will look after them. As I explained to one (very smart) VC who vehemently insistent that we needed to clone Heap Analytics' setup tool: integrating to analytics is not our business. Our business is crunching the data and making it smart and actionable. Modelling an app/website into an 'event map' so that actions can be sent into our API is a totally different pain/solution and business model. And one that PM seem to be doing a great job on. For full reference, there is also TrialFire.com (visual, send to many) and Segment.io (code only, but still 'send to many').
Literally thought of this idea a few weeks back. Love this.
@martinshen Hey Martin!!!! I think I know how you feel. We came up with the idea last year after talking with a bunch of startups and also realising we'd also had far too much fun writing event tracking code and decided to build a visual solution. ;) Anyway, thanks man for the appreciation!! Let me know if you want to take a trial or if I can help you with anything... best, Paul (CEO, CoFounder, PopcornMetrics.com)
This is great. If I didn't work with a team of devs - I would definitely be using this.
@kchau Hey Kevin thanks for the comment. You should still try us out - and here's why: >> with Popcorn Metrics, you can free up your developers from boiler plate event tracking API code and let them do important product work, while Popcorn Metrics creates all your API event tracking code for you. (Its probably like 100x faster too if you consider time to manage tickets, open your code, make changes, unit test, regression test, prep for release & deploy.) Feel free to reach out at paul@popcornmetrics.com - if you want I can help you get set up for a trial. Then you can tell me - maybe it's only 50x faster.. ;) cheers, Paul (CEO, CoFounder, PopcornMetrics.com)
@paulmboyce haha well we don't work like that, we're all very well integrated as a team. I'll keep you guys in mind for the future.