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Hi there 😺 fam, how’s errbody doing? I’m so excited and proud to announce the launch of my latest side project Popcoin, a usage based billing service built to be the best way to get paid for just about anything It’s built on top of the Stellar SDK and utilizes Stripe Connect. It was built as part of this year’s 3rd Stellar Build Challenge. At it’s core Popcoin is a usage based billing service. You identify users within your product and then create micro charges within that product to slowly (or quickly) use up individual user’s credits. Things like, “view this page, charge 1 credit”, “call this API endpoint, bill 0.17 credits”, “download this song, spend 13 credits”, “every month, burn 100 credits”, “read this article, expense 7.65 credits”. It’s completely up to you how, when and why credits are burned for users as it’s just API charge calls to the Popcoin network. As soon as a user attempts to take an action that would put them below a threshold you’ve set within Popcoin we’ll send out a customizable refill email. Once that invoice is filled we’ll reload the user’s credit, slip out our fees and pass the rest on to you. Sound interesting? Go take a closer look!
@tyvdh Sounds awesome. Nice work!