Badass photo competitions.

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Hey everyone, Luke Libraro, one of the cofounders here. We just launched yesterday, so we're very much open to feedback and suggestions. Let us know what you want to see!
Fellow product hunters, John McClelland, another cofounder here. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about the concept, business, or product. Just mention me @worldhistorical. The goal for popAD is to give the consumer a voice in advertising. We do this by setting up (ahem) bad ass photo competitions that give you real rewards We have a couple of brand pilots in the pipeline and are excited to see what people come up with. For the brands themselves, there are two questions they struggle with everyday: how do we engage our consumers? How can be more relevant to them? Our answer is to let the consumer create the messaging themselves. This is our first release, so we would love your feedback. Feel free to reach out to me directly at john@popad.co. Cheers.
Interesting idea to find a path of more traction between advertisers and RELEVANT consumers. I think with a lot of the coming supporting technologies, ApplePay, Twitter Buy buttons etc, the digital storefront will be changing dramatically to more in context and product specific purchasing/advertising and away from brand specific. In listening to the video, I totally get the idea. However the influence that people have in Instagram, Facebook, their own blogs, and other platforms is contained within that platform, thats how they reach others with their content. How will you achieve that by creating another platform with contests? I can see getting content with the incentive of contest prizes, but how will you achieve the other side of the value equation in reaching participants networks on their platforms?
@andrewrlin We definitely understand the challenge. The largest opportunity we see is becoming the creative counterpart to programmatic advertising e.g. using data to find the most relevant piece of creative to target a specific audience. For influencers, we have in our product roadmap to incentivize sharing on their own platforms. For example, if an Instagrammer has a substantial following, popAD or the brand can offer a reward, prize, or monetary incentive to broadcast to their network. We saw in an earlier, Instagram-based release (early July) that influencers were excited about the concept, but hesitant to post the photo to their Instagram. So we decoupled the social component from the content creation one. Hope this helps! Cheers.
@worldhistorical Totally agree that the biggest opportunity is being the creative counterpart. Do you see even crowdsourcing ad content through contests and measuring traction through community curation? Seems like some of the creative ad work currently sourced through agencies is your value proposition, in addition to offering a more "home-grown" means to reach your customers.
At a first glance I really liked the idea but on further inspection I wasn't sure. 1. I hate apps that require FB auth - I don't have FB which means the app is immediately out of bounds for me. I'd love to see Twitter Auth or even straight up email sign up. 2. I feel like the message on your twitter account is clear about the connection between the photos and ads (although it doesn't make it clear how they'll actually be used) but your website and description in the app store is pretty sketchy. I can see a lot of people missing the point here, uploading their photos unknowingly. 3. The link to your twitter account on your blog goes to the wrong url.
@itsleesimpson Thanks for the feedback. 1) In the pipeline. Twitter and Instagram as well as native login are in the pipeline, but FB is the lowest common denominator that most people have. 2) Our messaging is a big priority for us, and one that we're constantly refining. We're spending a lot of our time at the Brandery accelerator refining our messaging because it's so important. We want to make sure that our users know exactly what their content is used for, and exactly what ways they'll be compensated for their time and effort. We recently redesigned the landing page to be more of a call to action (Go to the App Store and download!) but I think we lost some of the clarity of our vision when we did it. We'll work to make it more clear again. We started our company with a concept that abstracted out the advertising portion of it, but we realized that was really misleading some of our users, so we rebranded to be all about the advertising. Our level structure reflects the way you'd progress in a creative agency (Intern Art Director all the way up to Executive Creative Director), and we're striving to be as transparent as possible. Trust me, it's not something we want to hide in any way. 3) Fixed, thanks!