Pop to the Shop

A new volunteering platform for lockdown shopping

Pop To The Shop, is our not-for-profit emergency initiative, which helps connect those in self-isolation with local people who can purchase & deliver essentials during #COVID19. Check out our new website & see how to get involved. Help us spread the word.
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I've been volunteering for getting this up and running as quickly as possible using bubble.io. There are various news reports circulating that even if lockdown measures are eased up a bit, social distancing and self isolation will still be a norm for quite a bit of time. Especially for people with underlying health conditions. Happy to answer any questions.
I was one of the volunteer builders of our not-for-profit initiative Pop To The Shop. It took us just a few weeks of intensive work to get to our #Covid19 MVP up and running, and we have been refining the idea of "connecting self-isolators to local volunteers who can shop for essentials for them" since then. Stripe have been super helpful and thanks to Bubble for the free plan too. We are UK based only at the moment. Happy to answer any questions but please do share if you can.