Super fast, lo-fi video texting with close friends

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I mean rly the best promo video for a startup ever, right?
Yeah I actually came to the grid layout by starting with the camera. We made the camera a circle because we saw that crop + the top placement focuses your eye on the the camera. A lot of video chat has the user staring downwards, which was awkward. And with the circle shape, we got to the Pop metaphor, and then I nerded out on comic books and thought it'd be cool to have every conversations be on one screen in panels. We're starting out with a simple focus - just video - and see where we can with that. I'm a big fan of obvious solutions to obvious problems... and the problem now is that phone calls, texting and video chat all have drawbacks.
@joshuanguyen They all have a head start by being pre-installed in every iPhone. Why should someone ditch texting/phone calls/facetime and other apps like Snapchat and use Pop? Colorful avatars aren't going to cut it.
@robinraszka hey i think that's a good point. FaceTime sucks, because streaming video requires commitment and right now not reliable. I've never had a Skype call not freeze up. Video texting on the other hand? A lot of promise and different people are tackling it different ways. It takes 2 taps to send a video message on Pop - so we're heavily betting on simplicity to attract users as video becomes the default medium. We don't treat videos as embeds/attachments with a photo social network or a text messaging app. We think that creates a lot of opportunity for cool stuff!
@joshuanguyen I agree with some things you've said, but you are talking about your solution. I can't see a real pain your app is going to fix for me or others in much better and different way. I think just simplicity isn't the key factor here, most people have zero interest in even recognizing such differentiability.
@robinraszka Yeah I can see that. For me, available channels still wasn't getting me to talk w friends like I did back in college. Before social networks and texting diluted everything. And talking to other people, some feel the same way.
Homepage hugged to death.
Nice work! A bit similar to Blab from Bebo. I need this, hope I can convince my friends to use it too.
@tomsoderlund yah. we looked at the circle avatars and a few other things but ultimately we focused I how to put every single feature on one screen and one tap away - contacts, record, send and playback. still trying to make videos even more useful - lmk once you've played w it.
One of the few times I'm finding the comments on PH less than helpful and constructive, and a little too pissy and sour.