Super fast, lo-fi video texting with close friends

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Joshua Nguyen
@joshuanguyen · CEO, Pop
Colby - I think after listening to your "Heeeeeey" for like the 496th time, I'm good now. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
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colb λ
@colbyh · building stuff @ getbevel.com
I mean rly the best promo video for a startup ever, right?
Joshua Nguyen
@joshuanguyen · CEO, Pop
Yeah I actually came to the grid layout by starting with the camera. We made the camera a circle because we saw that crop + the top placement focuses your eye on the the camera. A lot of video chat has the user staring downwards, which was awkward. And with the circle shape, we got to the Pop metaphor, and then I nerded out on comic books and thought it'd be… See more
Derek Shanahan
@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
Homepage hugged to death.
Tom Söderlund
@tomsoderlund · Founder, Weld (www.weld.io)
Nice work! A bit similar to Blab from Bebo. I need this, hope I can convince my friends to use it too.
Paul Smith
@paul_a_smith · TBC
One of the few times I'm finding the comments on PH less than helpful and constructive, and a little too pissy and sour.