Poos Caboose

An adorable, viral jumping game for iOS

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😻 Thanks so much to @neerajt4 for the hunt! 😻 Our team is elated to share Poos Caboose with this awesome community! We’ve had so much fun building the game, and we’ve already had an exciting launch on the App Store being featured in 155 countries! 🙀 Poos Caboose was designed to be at the intersection of addicting, cute, funny, and simple while creatively using some of Apple’s coolest and newest tech (ie. haptic feedback). The star of the game 🐈 is obviously the best part, and we’re hoping PH’s obsession with cats helps you fall in love with the game! The future of the game promises to include more hilarious characters, like Miss Poos 2017 & Poos Fieri (http://bit.ly/2u4FAKg). 🎁🎁🎁 Right now, we’re running a giveaway, and exclusively for Product Hunters, we’re adding the opportunity to decide the next Poos! You can enter our giveaway (where you can win anything from AirPods to a real live cat) here: http://bit.ly/2waOhnF. 😸 Happy to answer any & all questions and would love to hear your feedback or ideas!
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@okitsolivia All the best! 😊
@okitsolivia We are very excited to roll out Poos Fieri, Poosyoncé, and Zeus Poos 🙀
Simply addicting... next Flappy Bird? Also, crazy talented team behind it. Looking forward to more social features down the road like a leaderboard :)
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@tim061693 thanks! Yes! The next version will include 2 leaderboards so you can see how you stack up against your friends and the world :)
Really fun game with hilarious sound effects. Been beta testing Poos Caboose for the past month or so...stoked to finally see it launch! The team has been really receptive and responsive to feedback so far so can't wait to see how the PH community can help shape this game to become even better!
@richardshu Thank you so much for helping us test it out! We've come a long way in the past few weeks and can't wait to see how far we're able to go - lots of fun stuff planned for the future!
Great app! Super fun to play :)
@cliffweitzman Thanks so much for checking it out!
The best game I've ever played on my iPhone. So simple, but SO addicting. The devs are also EXTREMELY talented. More information on their wiki about the history/devs: https://everipedia.org/wiki/Poos...
@samkazemian Thanks baus! The Everipedia bios of each Poos are coming soon!
@samkazemian thanks for making the entry about our game on Everipedia!