Poop Poems

Medium, for people who are pooping

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This is pretty funny! (and gross) I love that the first questions is "Are you currently pooping?" If you say no, you get kicked out of the website haha. (to something pretty relevant πŸ˜›) Current Poopers only! Also love "Problem it Solves: Immense feelings of loneliness and brilliance not shared with others while pooping." Just do yourself a favour read the poop poems story on Medium For other things to read when you poop, checkout poopfiction
@bentossell I clicked "No" and it was so funny I'm crying.
It's Time to #DisruptEWP (Entertainment While Pooping) ! @lenndizzle thanks for hunting my shitty poems. @syswarren & @bentossell your comments make me feel so good, like that moment you're not sure you're going to make it to the bathroom in time, but then (!!!), you do make it to the bathroom just in time. I appreciate what you all are building, and look forward to finding and sharing more storytelling destinations here! Also wanted to share the first poop poem submitted by the @ProductHunt community: "Just because poop gets dry it's still poop. Some people just never change" Write yours: http://www.pooppoems.com/write