Poolside FM for Mac

An infinity pool of summer sounds in your Mac menu bar

#5 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2015
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Poolside.fm makes you feel like you're in Santa Monica during the 80s watching Beverly Hills Cop whilst wearing Reebok Pumps.
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@mutlu82 thanks man! Glad the vibe comes across as we designed haha!
Yessss! 😄 Wrote a bit about building the thing if anyone's interested 🍹 http://stephenradford.me/poolsid...
Love it! And a screenshot with Miami Nights 1984 in it is worth an upvote all by itself. 🎉
@boyvanamstel hahaha I was going through the tracks like 'what is the nicest looking artist name to have on this screenshot?'
@marty Can't beat that name, no. Awesome tunes too.
@boyvanamstel I came up for this comment and then you wrote it first :D
Love Poolside.fm. Nice work, @grantmac_. 💃
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