Personal photo sharing assistant by MediaFire

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Tom Langridge
Founder @ MediaFire and Fast.io
Hi everyone, Tom from MediaFire and Pool here… we’re so excited to launch on Product Hunt today! MediaFire has been around a long time in the file hosting and syncing space but we see the way we interact with our media changing. We believe that the file and folder paradigm will become less relevant as we continue to create more and more media to consume. Pool is our first step into realizing our vision of a future where our devices can intelligently surface media relevant to you at the right time and place. Right now Pool solves two very basic but painful problems that we’ve all experienced - remembering to share photos you took with friends and syncing your friends' photos with your own. Pool is a new app designed to make collecting event photos extremely easy. The inspiration for the app came from when I personally experienced this pain last year, when I took a trip with my significant other. We took lots of photos of each other on our phones and when we got home we each wanted to have our own set of the photos from our trip. She had an iPhone, and I had an Android phone, and we each used different photo storage services. There was no easy way to do it and that's exactly why we made Pool. Pool makes sending and collecting event photos ridiculously easy. When you share photos through Pool, the full-quality original photos are transferred to the cloud and then to the recipient. When you receive photos through Pool, you can save the photos directly into your phone's photo library, right where they belong next to all of the other photos from the same event (because who really needs yet another place to store your photos?!). Pool can also automatically suggest photos you should remember to share. Pool analyzes the data that’s inside your photos including when they were taken and, if you have GPS data enabled for your camera, where your photos were taken. Pool then checks to see if any of your phone contacts are also Pool users and, if they are, compares your photo data with theirs. Whenever there is a match (based on the time photos were taken and also where they were taken) Pool will suggest that *you* share your photos with your friend. Suggestions are totally private, and you always have control of what you choose to share. Pool works backwards in time too! All those photos from years ago that you forgot to share will now be automatically surfaced by Pool so you can relive the moment with your friends all over again. I'll bet you've got hundreds of photos that you just forgot to share, and so do all your friends! In fact, they probably have a lot of photos you’d love to see. That's it! That is Pool. Just a really simple way to send the photos you take to your friends when you are at an event together. I hope you like it and I'd love to hear your feedback! Let me know if you have any questions.