Ask your friends anything with self-destructing polls 📊💨

A Poof is a Self-destructing Poll. Create it. Vote on it. And then Poof, it’s gone!

Poof lets you ask your friends ANYTHING and see how everyone votes. When it’s done, it’s gone and you don’t have to worry about it.

Great for getting people’s reactions, coordinating with friends, and more.

Ask & answer questions privately with friends on Poof!

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Thanks a lot Poornima! My name is Srini and I'm one of the makers of Poof. We made Poof because we wanted a simple and easy-to-use poll for getting quick feedback from friends. With all the clutter in our inbox, chats, etc... today, what could be better than something that cleans up after itself 😃 - Try Poof for iPhone on the Apple AppStore by searching "poof" or by visiting https://www.gotpoof.com (Android coming soon...)
This word has an unfortunate meaning in the UK.
Thanks a lot for the upvotes!! Please let me know if you have any feedback for Poof. We are eager to get any feedback that can help make Poof better.