Mail us a startup sticker & get two in return

#4 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2015
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Kinda unrelated, here, but when will we stop considering Twitter and GitHub "startups"? What's the cutoff?
@ryanjamurphy profitability LMAO
So am I right in thinking that you own/have access to LOADS of startup stickers? And you didn't know what else to do with them haha Why do you think startup stickers seem to be such a thing? They're like Pokemon cards of the now. cc @zachlatta @maxwofford
@bentossell Yeah! Great question. So we designed Ponzi.es to use a crowdsourcing model to get stickers for distribution (i.e. it's a ponzi scheme). We use stickers that people mail us to fulfill sticker requests. When it begins to implode, we're planning on fulfilling the debt with our stickers and perhaps stickers donated from companies. Any future letter we receive we'll just send back to their return address.
@zachlatta haha fun idea Make sure you tweet pics of weird and wonderful stickers you get.
@zachlatta @bentossell What happens if I send you a dollar? Two in return?
@chrisbarrett @bentossell We're limiting it to two stickers returned per envelope to (somewhat) rate limit it, but you're welcome to send us multiple envelopes :-).
Does it work internationally :)?
@jimbb Keen to know if this works internationally too, although guess not as 50 cents is required... (I'm based in the UK!)
@jimbb If you send us an international stamp we'll happily honor the deal :-)
This sounds glorious. I'm a self-admitted sticker hoarder πŸ’
Hopefully people send you more than one at a time or else this party will be over soon. How many stickers do you have to start out with? Or are you sending one of your own company and one random in every package??? I love ponzies
@vacord We have a few thousand Hack Club (https://hackclub.io/) stickers, but we're hoping to sustain this with stickers we receive in the mail for as long as possible!