Poncho The Weathercat

Poncho makes weather sassy. Now you can use it on Slack.

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Hi everyone, It's Friday. Let's get some sassiness in your office Slack channel. What do you say, baby? We just launched Poncho on Slack. Here is the direct link to install: http://bit.ly/1Nbo1cK After you install the app, type "/poncho " & zip code in your Slack and ... BANG!! Welcome to the world of least boring and most witty weather forecast. I will be hanging around for the rest of day. Feel free to ping me here or holla us on @ponchoIRL Kuan
@huangkuan Any chance of making this global? Canadian here, and I can't get any of that Poncho Sass. :(
@iamunr Absolutely YES. Let's raise more $$$, hire more cats and BOOM world domination. Nahh joke aside, covering Canada definitely makes lots of sense after Poncho covers the entire US.
Awesome app! Love the Slack integration. @huangkuan any plans for including weather data from Turkey? :)
@cemkozinoglu Yes! I will probably need your help to find some ass kicking turkish speaking editors. Deal?
Kuan - You Da Man! Just installed, very cool!
@ahuie Spread the love baby.
My slack channels are never ever the same since Poncho. Love it! Congrats :)