Poncho Bot 2.0

Get weather+horoscope updates with the most popular FB bot

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Hi community, We'd love to invite you to try out Poncho bot 2.0 after 5 months of hardworking from the entire team. Poncho is no longer just your weather bot. He is going to be your funniest, coolest and bestest bot friend. Here is a quick rundown: 1. We think we finally own Weather on Messenger now. Besides the basic daily weather updates that other bots also provide, you will now get severe weather alerts, rain alerts (powered by Darksky & US only), running forecast (first release of awesome weather alerts) from Poncho. Type "notifications" to learn more. 2. We started branching out into other content verticals. The new one is...weekly horoscopes. Most horoscopes on the internet really really suck. Poncho will make horoscopes GREAT again! Just type "horoscope" to the bot to get started. Poncho bot: http://m.me/hiponcho Other details: https://chatbotsmagazine.com/pon...
Poncho is to me one of the best bots out there, in terms of experience. Though it is a bit limited in features. I loled when Ponchobot asked me to write "Number1SavageGardenFan" yesterday
Always loved the poncho personality. Can you spoil a few easter eggs for us, @huangkuan? 😸
@rrhoover @huangkuan Oh hrm. For the tech nerds out there, try adding "sudo" before anything you say.
Is the Telegram bot also being updated?
@jadojodo hmmm I didn't know we have a bot on Telegram...
@huangkuan Hmm... I thought I had seen one. If there's not an official one, I'd love to see one made. https://core.telegram.org/bots
@jadojodo @huangkuan Ssssh... ;) It was something we're testing, but we have no plans to launch it officially anytime soon. (TBH, dunno if it is working rn).
My god. Facebook Messenger Bots are, hands down, THE best onboarding UX and data-mining integration possible, right now. I like this bot & the design and messaging are nice & friendly - but, good god, that orientation flow tho. @ponchoirl @huangkuan @jaclynelise @anjizhao @cubeghost @gleuch