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Kuan Huang
Founder of Poncho
Hi, I'd love to invite everyone to check out the latest update of Poncho iOS app. In this new update, we're trying to push the boundary of the conventionally defined apps and shifting more app features towards the lock screen and iMessage platform. We think that's where the future of mobile apps is heading. 1. Lock screen: You can now access most of Poncho content on the lock screen without opening the app. We have done quite a lot of experiments around the iOS interactive rich notifications. 2. IMessage integration: We are introducing animated stickers in this update. They are freakin' cute. Do it do it do it. Thank you!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
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Dustin DanielsChildren's Book Author/App Developer
Love what I saw on Planet of the Apps on this. Keeps crashing on me, but I am running iOS 11 beta 3, but what I really love that I can see so far is your intro screens. Love this!
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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
How is this new? I've been using Poncho for awhile
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Sushant Shekhar
Founder @ TalkyJobs
This is great! Waiting for better worldwide support though! :)
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Bret PrinsWeb Developer + Coffee Snob
I had this for a while, but the comments on tomorrow's weather were incredibly repetitive on the FB messenger side. Anything below 5 degree Celsius and I get the same cold weather warning message. During the winter where I live in Alberta Canada, anything above -5 is practically picnic weather. I'd like to see these notifications change more based on location. Keep up the great work!
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