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#1 Product of the DayNovember 19, 2014



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Sun LiangMaker@untsop · Founder & CEO at Pomotodo
Founder here. Thank you for hunting it @kevinjbastien . This product is still under heavy development. Thank you all for trying.
John Goering ن@epaga · http://www.mindscopeapp.com
@xunstop what is your backend stack? What are you using for sync?
Sun LiangMaker@untsop · Founder & CEO at Pomotodo
@epaga We are using PHP, Node.js, MySQL and Redis. We built the sync service on our own.
James Greig@j_greig · Digital designer and writer
Would be great if you could try in your browser without signing up! I'm sure you'd get more signups that way too :)
Sun LiangMaker@untsop · Founder & CEO at Pomotodo
@j_greig Great idea. Will do it.
Thomas K. Running@tkrunning · Nomad, Teleport
Wow, very good implementation of Pomodoro @xunstop. A couple comments/questions: 1) I don't really see how this implements GTD at all? 2) It doesn't look like I can chose the number of pomodoros before break in the Android & Mac apps, only on web. I have found that 3x35 instead of the standard 4x25 works better for me. 3) The only part of the pomodoro technique I'm missing is the dots/dashes for minor internal and external interruptions. I have found this aspect of Pomodoro to nearly eliminate internal interruptions over time (such as thinking about what to cook for dinner, etc). Any plans for implementing this?
Vince Speelman@vinspee · Front End Engineer, TED
I wish the alarm sound was higher quality, more unique, and louder. I can't hear it over my music, so I have to adjust volumes everywhere.
Chris Thorne@cpwt · Product Manager, The Trade Desk
Really excited about this, and just started using today! Please continue to keep it simple / minimal in future versions. I really like the direction it's headed in now (with sync across mobile, desktop, and web), and I feel like some of the task / todo list apps get carried away and way too complicated as users start requesting more features. It's better to be focused [for an app about focus :)], then try to have everything for everyone.