The Yo Pomodoro Timer

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Finally a useful Yo app :)
@BlendahTom finally?? i now get yo'ed every time Andreesen tweetstorms - now that's useful :D
@eriktorenberg I rest my case :)
In the same vein as Yo itself, this is mostly a joke, but I am glad people like it :) If there is enough support, some possible new features could include User defined work/rest intervals.
@thebrettdsf Hi Brett is this your baby?
@BlendahTom Yup. I really got a kick out of the Yo app, so when I found out they had an API I knew I had do something with it.
@thebrettdsf Interesting that it looks like the PH crowd was more adoptive of this product than the HN crowd. Thoughts?
@BlendahTom I only recently found this site, so I can't really compare the two. Maybe yall are more in to puns?
Yet another example of "keep it simple stupid" being an awesome application. :)