A minimalist Pomodoro timer

A Pomodoro technique timer with a minimal feature set. The widget is surprisingly useful.
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1 Review5.0/5
We made this timer in-between other projects. Settings timers is a always bit of a hassle and the core idea behind this one was to make the process work with a single swipe. Turns out, people, usually, have just a couple of recurring timers and setting a timer is not nearly as important a task as starting a preset. We've addressed that last point by, first, making kind of presets (a list of recently used timers) and, as an afterthought, a widget to start them. Surprisingly, that widget is how we mostly interact with the app! ... and now Apple is deprecating the "old-style" widgets in lieu of non-interactive ones, but the rumor is, interactivity in widgets might be coming back, maybe next year.
A good app to keep in your phone.
Are you going to make one for Android?
@tok I'm sure there is a bunch of Pomodoro-technique timers for Android – this niche has been thoroughly explored. The way to remain competitive with a timer app these days is to overload it with options – a minimal timer has a little chance, making it almost impossible for a cross-platform app in this category to emerge. To put it differently, had this app been a wild success in iOS, we would have considered porting it :).