Pomodoro Time Manager

Focus on your productivity to achieve your tasks

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The Pomodoro Time Manager helps you to improve your productivity using one of the most effective management method in personal or pair working environments. The app is highly configurable in aspects like time for breaks or tasks, notifications, pomodoro series all of it in a beautiful and detailed interface. Inside The Pomodoro Time Manager you will find... + Beautiful graphs to check your progress in a blink of an eye + Customize task time + Customize short and long break time + Choose to play a sound or not when a break or a task has finished + Set how many pomodoros (tasks) are a Work Serie + The pomodoro (task) timer can be paused/resumed This new version include the following new features + Activity Blog. Take a look to your daily work and goals achieved in the activity timeline + Now You can name your pomodoros + Auto start a new Pomodoro after breaks or not + Reset pomodoro timer + Reset your session progress