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Pomodor is a productivity app based on a time management method called The Pomodoro Technique. Use Pomodor to break down your work into sessions, label them, get a notification when the each session is over and a lot more!
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Making this an installable PWA was an outstanding move!
@colinkiama Thanks Colin! I also love PWAs! 😀
I like the streamlined clutter free design, and the overall responsiveness of the app. I like it++!
@dusan_zivkovic Thanks man! I'm glad you like the app!
Hey! My question is about technologies. What did you use to implement it?
@v_prudnikoff Hey Vlad! I used React, Redux, Material UI and Firebase to build and Netlify to deploy the app. Also, there's is a link to the source code in footer.
I'm a big fan of The Pomodoro Technique! Looking forward to checking this app out!
It's a great app. I like it. But I still have some questions.Why there are so many productivity apps on Product Hunt? It's hard to understand for a Product Manager from China. How to make profit? How many people will pay for it? Now more and more people focus on Social Media to kill time. Oh I am a such shallow Product Manager!
@jensen_chen Right on point! Are we this desparate for this many productivity apps?
@burakg I don't know the culture of other country. But in China, everyone want to make more money, everyone want to success. So they spend more time on working and self-developing. Time is limit, so they learn how to manage time to make more time. So they try one and another productivity app. And they find they are failed. They are still no time. So I think a productivity tool needs to think about and find the root of the problem and provide a way to solve it.