PomeloPro Electric Longboard

The longest range electric skateboard - 23 miles

PomeloPro Electric Longboard is the world’s longest range electric longboard.

✅38 Km Range (23.6 miles)

✅42 Km/h Top Speed (26 miles/hr)

✅3 Speed Modes

✅17° Hill Climbing

✅Swappable Battery

✅High Endurance

Loaded with exciting features, the Pomelo Pro is the electric longboard pushing the limits of rideables forward.

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Hub motors are simply not powerful enough for use on an electric skateboard. They don't provide the torque and power necessary to safely ride or have fun. I definitely wouldn't back this project without first riding the board.
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@magnuson I don't know enough about the technology involved, but I've ridden a hub motor board that went borderline too fast (~25 mph) with serious acceleration so I'm not sure about it not being powerful enough. To me, the hub motors seemed more advanced. If you have more info behind what makes you say that I'm all ears.
These are always interesting charts to look at and easily compare stats, but how the board rides is by far one of the biggest differentiators of all these eSkateboards coming out. Any board that has a range of 7 miles doesn't make much sense to me. Speed is fun, but 7 miles seems like it won't get you much ride time or distance. A 24 mile range on the PomeloPro sounds amazing. Plus, the option of a swappable battery if you really need to cover some distance. For a price of $550 via pre-order, seems like a smart buy.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! Does it ship to India? Pricing
Tbh it looks like an offbrand Boosted Board 😶