An online voting system based on blockchain technology

Polys is using blockchain technology and transparent crypto algorithms to ensure all types of votes and elections, whatever the scale, are completely transparent and secure.

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This could be a game changer for democracy. With political apathy on the rise globally, e-voting has the potential to engage electorates. Blockchain is certainly the answer to the security criticisms holding e-voting back...
@hugobesley yep, this is what we had in mind when started the project. thank you!
O man! An actual product? On the blockchain? Are you sure you don't just want to write a white paper?😉 Two questions: Do you plan to offer liquid democracy? and How do you deal with user-validation/vote-selling/Sybil attacks generally?
@tdaltonc1 Hi, thank you for he question, here are the comments: 1. Well, we are offering a tool, liquid democracy is a process which can be achieved by such tools i believe. but anyway yes, i hope someday such transformations may happen
that's kind of paradox, isn't it? transparent voting product made by guys from Kaspersky Labs and following the laws of the Russian Federation,)
@davidsklarcs well, i understand what are you talking about, probably this is not a best time for us, but here in russia we are actually understand importance of the transparent voting solution very well. Plus we have started working on it like almost 2 years ago and at the very end it is what it is. Let me share numbers of points with you: 1. we are building the solution on top of ethereum blockchain which is open sourced already 2. and we are preparing to open source our voting protocol as well (smart contracts and such). 3. blockchain in this case let's you monitor how the election goes 4. voter may verify it's vote and check how it was added to the blockchain 5. you even will be able to install and use it in an on-premises mode Thus it is about math and technology, not about believing in solution provider. Actually the whole solution is build in a decentralised manner taking power of the administrator/organiser as much as possible. Hope the answer covers you concerns.
@roman_alyoshkin my comment is rather a stupid funny fact and now I can see that it might be misunderstood - sorry. I'm familiar with blockchain so I have no related concerns. Actually, I upvoted for your product - I like the idea and the product website.)
@davidsklarcs thank you David, we really appreciate the support =)
This.. is.. dope.
@roman_alyoshkin I take it you would like some personal feedback on my statement.. :) I reckon it's pretty well explained in the institutional video that you guys produced (website). Apart from user authentication/verification mechanisms - something we all still have some work to do - my argument on behalf of blockchain and blockstack projects remains the same: After having the knowledge of how it is possible for us to decide upon things, to trade, to exchange and purchase.. we lose all our excuses. In short, after knowing of and learning about it, how can we not move towards it? From team captain to class president to city councillor and the writing and passing of national Bills; why would we keep using influenceable methodologies? How can we? So, now the shortest answer: this could simply KILL lobbying.
@lyondhur cool, thank you for the feedback!

It took a little time understand what Unique Codes were and how they would be used in voting, how the options will be seen on the final UI, some sort of live editing and maybe some sort of a tour may help others like me


Security & Anonymity of the Voters helps


The UI for creating a vote is hard to understand for a first time user

Thank you so much for your feedback, highly appreciate it! We will consider some sort of additional explanation and guidance in the future)