Polymail Web

All-in-one email platform for sales communication

Polymail is the all-in-one email platform designed for modern sales communication.

Send personalized outbound campaigns, track how prospects engage with your emails, sync activity with Salesforce, and more - all from a lightweight, easy-to-use platform for web, desktop, and mobile.

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Hi Product Hunt, and thanks to @nivo0o0 and @nickabouzeid for being helpful as always! Since we first launched Polymail for Mac, we’ve had the privilege of working with tens of thousands of users to build Polymail into a powerful platform for sales communication. But until now, there was no way for PC and Windows users to access Polymail. We heard your feedback, and we listened. Today, we're excited to introduce that Polymail Web is now available to everyone! We completely rewrote Polymail from the ground up to create a better, faster experience and bring you all-new advanced features. Here’s a highlight of the major updates and improvements available now with Polymail Web: 🔍Advanced Search ⚡️Command Center (⌘J) 📆Semantic Date Entry - enter custom dates in plain english ☁️Google & Microsoft Calendar sync ✨Improved speed and performance As thanks to everyone who's supported us on Product Hunt, we're also offering a special discount for the PH community! Use the promo code PRODUCTHUNT for 25% off your first year of any paid tier. This promo will be valid until the end of next week, and you can login here to upgrade: https://app.polymail.io/settings... This is just the start of many exciting new updates we'll be sharing this year, and we can't wait to show you what's in store next. Thanks again, and looking forward to your feedback in the comments! 💌
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@nivo0o0 @nickabouzeid @foolywk You know, I’ve been using Polymail since you launched on iOS and being forced to use a Windows Laptop in the office has really cramped my style. So I’m looking forward to being able to check my email again during office hours! Also, even though I wouldn’t utilize most of the Premium features, I think I’m going to sign up for a year to support development of your company. Cheers!
@nivo0o0 @nickabouzeid @bb8orr2d2 thanks for the support, Sterling! 💌
I've tried many email clients and I think PolyMail is my favorite. Y'all took a long time for an update but I'm glad it's here. I just wish the web interface also worked for mobile. I guess I'll have to wait another year for Android. 😔
@erickbarron86 thanks, Erick! 💌We'll should have more updates on Polymail Android later this year.
The best email client out there! I just wish there was a personal account plan hehe (business light for 5$/months) that would include some of theses: Follow Up Reminders Activity Feed Calendar Integration Contact Profiles Send LaterContact Groups & Notes
Used Polymail since Beta version. Best mail application for me for Mac and iOS. Thank you.
@dimablover thank you, Dima! 🙏🏼
Congrats on the launch! I love the overall design/UI/UX! I currently use Outreach.io for sales email outreach and calling, but it's expensive at $150/seat/month. And we have a couple seats... curious to hear more about how Polymail would complement or replace an existing tool like Outreach? Thank you in advance!
@sabrina_atienza thank you, Sabrina! We actually have some exciting updates planned for outbound email automation - let me know your email or reach me at foo@polymail.io - would love to share more :)