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Hi everyone! Thanks to @nivo0o0 and the Product Hunt team for supporting our launch! πŸš€ We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful email experience for desktop and mobile. Today, we're excited to share the next step in our journey - Polymail Pro! Polymail Pro is designed for the people who work with email every day. It combines powerful new features like Message Templates and Attachment & Click Tracking with the lightweight, intuitive email experience of Polymail Mac and iOS, so you always have the tools to be productive at work - no matter where you are. Here's a highlight of the new features launching with Polymail Pro: πŸ“© Message Templates ⚑️ Attachment & Click Tracking πŸ“ˆ Real-Time Activity Feed πŸ“² Auto BCC (for CRM integration) If you spend time working with email, we'd love for you to try Polymail Pro and let us know your thoughts. Starting today, all new (and existing) Polymail users will receive a two-week free trial of Pro, so you can get started right away! If you decide to upgrade, we're offering an exclusive PH discount for 30% off 1 year, making Polymail Pro just $6.30/mo (annual) or $7.70/mo (monthly)! You can upgrade at https://account.polymail.io. *** 30% off Polymail Pro: PHPRO30 *** Of course, this is just the start, and we have a ton of awesome new Pro features right on the horizon. If you want to learn more about Polymail Pro, you can check out our new blog here: https://medium.com/polymail/were... Thanks again to everyone for your support - the Product Hunt community has been extremely kind to us and we couldn't be more thankful to you all. We'll be here all day in the comments, and look forward to chatting with you! πŸ’Œ - Brandon & Team Polymail
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@foolywk Team Polymail has been crushing it. need to get our team on this!
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@foolywk Will Polymail expand to support win10/android sometime in the future? That’s an untamed market rigtht there
@foolywk what about Windows version? I use your product on my mac but I would love to use it on Windows 10 too. Great work, btw!
@foolywk @nivo0o0 but no Exchange support? πŸ˜‚
I've been a beta tester for Polymail (macOS and iOS) since the very early days and therefore have seen the evolution of the product to date. Most recently, along with the rest of the beta community, I've also had the opportunity to help the @PolymailApp team with the development of Polymail Pro. Firstly I'd like to extend my huge thanks and admiration to the @PolymailApp team. They have worked tirelessly and attentively to create what I think is THE best email app ever. The functionality and features combined with the UX is simply unrivalled and when you combine this with the support, innovation and product acceleration you've got a winning combination. In regards to Polymail Pro, the team have taken the product to a whole new level and made it a serious contender for business use too. The simple fact you can see when your email has been read is not new (Polymail, even in its standard guise actually shows you WHO has read it and how many times) but to be able to see when the links or attachments within that email have been opened (WHEN and by WHOM) is not only very cool but provides rich information about your communications and their effectiveness. Couple this with message templates, calendar integration and the fast developing CRM features and you have a very serious, business tool. However, if experience is anything to go by that's not where the journey ends, the roadmap on the beta programme grows daily and there is some very cool stuff still to come. But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself - I know you won't be disappointed! #SeeingIsBelieving
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@stuartfiszzon Thank you so much, Stu! We're lucky to have your support and look forward to continue making Polymail awesome with you! πŸ’Œ
@foolywk πŸ‘πŸ»
I LOVE polymail! It's definitely a mainstay app that I have constantly opened on my Mac AND it's an app that's docked in my iPhone (that's how you know it's real...) It has all of these amazing features that I just can't go back to regular email anymore..... #nwts 😱
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THIS IS EVERYTHING! I love Polymail PRO! I've been using it in Beta and have been following it since it's inception a long time ago, and this product, this team, this is what you NEED!! Awesome Job @foolywk, @sasanchez, @shahan312, and @ani_kunaparaju!
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Great to see how much progress the Polymail team is making πŸ“§πŸ‘
@nivo0o0 So... do you like Polymail or Hop (posted a few days ago) more?!