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Hi everyone! Thanks to @nivo0o0 and the Product Hunt team - and thanks to the Product Hunt community for your amazing support in making Polymail OS X Mac App of the Year and the 3rd most upvoted product on Product Hunt! https://producthunt.com/tech/pol... We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful email experience across desktop and mobile. Today, we’re excited to share Polymail iOS - bringing the great features of our OS X app like Email Tracking, Contact Profiles, and Send Later to a simple, lightweight mobile experience for your iPhone and iPad! Here’s a highlight of some of Polymail iOS’s best features so far: - Per-Recipient Email Tracking - Contact Profiles + Relationship History - Read Later - Send Later - Undo Send - One-Tap Unsubscribe We’re still testing Polymail iOS in Alpha, but as a special thanks to the Product Hunt community, we’d like to share iOS Alpha invites with the first 2,000 people who sign up on our site via Product Hunt today! 🚀 Sign up for Polymail iOS: https://www.producthunt.com/r/49... We’re also proud to announce today we’ll be officially launching Polymail OS X in Beta - we’re opening up OS X invites to everyone who signed up before, and all existing Polymail OS X users will also be getting a few OS X invites to share with their friends! Thanks again to everyone for your support - while we’re a small team, we’re working hard to make Polymail available to everyone as soon as we can 💌 Look forward to chatting with you all! - Brandon & Team Polymail
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@foolywk this is awesome! Polymail quickly became my daily driver, now I feel unconfortable with others email clients on iOS, good to know polymail is coming to my pocket too! Signed up for the alpha, can't wait to test the app :)
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@foolywk @nivo0o0 The list of feature is all I needed to know to sign up! I'm currently using Spark on iOS as a replacement for Mailbox... It's doing the job, but Polymail had me interested ever since the mac app so I'm looking forward to trying it on iOS.
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@foolywk @nivo0o0 Does anyone have a Polymail OS X beta invite? I'd like to try it out.
@foolywk After Mailbox said they were shutting down, I was looking everywhere for a replacement also. I've been using Airmail for Mac and iOS the past month or so, and have been playing around with Polymail also. Do you think the fact that Mailbox was free ultimately led to their demise? If so, are there plans to monetize Polymail down the road? I love free, but paying for something feels like it's something that'll be more sustainable in the long run. I really like Polymail, but the fact that's it's free makes me a little apprehensive about jumping on board completely. Would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers Jay
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@foolywk Awesome! I was just telling a friend about how much I am loving polymail and wanted an iOS app for it!
Polymail needs no introduction, after winning the first ever Golden Kitty Award for Mac App of the Year and currently being the 3rd most upvoted product of all time: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... The team has been working hard on their iOS release, and now it's out! When they mentioned back in December that they're aiming for a mid-March release I thought that was ambitious, with the Mac being in 'Alpha' (ahah) and all... but it's the end of February and here we are! I've been beta testing the iOS App for a few weeks and it's great. All the features that you love on the Polymail Mac app, on your iPhone. I believe there will be 1,000 codes available for the iOS app so look through the comments and check it out! Congrats to @foolywk, @bshins, @shahan312, @varadhjain on getting this out so quickly. It's a quality app. 💌🚀
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@nivo0o0 @foolywk @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Gmail on mobile doesn't cut it so I MAY be in the market for an iOS alternative... I havent stuck with the Polymail mac app as Gmail does what I need it to on my laptop (different story on mobile) May have to try it...
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@nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Thanks again, Niv! And actually we'll be inviting the first 2,000 Product Hunters who sign up today! 💌
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@foolywk @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain That's fantastic news Brandon. I too have stopped using all other email clients thanks to Polymail for OSX. I'd be honored to share some invites as well as get my hands onto the iOS beta. Glad I checked Twitter tonight.
@foolywk @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Love Polymail so much Brandon! I never encountered any better mail client than Polymail! Hoping to get an invite for iOS soon!
Oh snap. It's out. The beta came from lowercase alpha. Now it's public! I still use gmail. But mobile is up for grabs as Gmail app is so bad :(
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@bentossell I also stuck with gmail on my computer, but switched to Polymail iOS and have been loving it on my phone!!!
Congrats @foolywk, @bshins, @shahan312, @varadhjain! I've been using iOS app for a week now and have to say i'm amazed. Easily jumped off Google Inbox for this. It has some minor bugs as all new products do, but the pros easily out-weigh the cons. I initially thought the number of features packed into this would make it feel cluttered. Not even slightly the case! It's FEATURE PACKED and feels so clean and intuitive! High quality and amazing. Much needed iOS app!!!
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@sydney_liu_sl @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain thanks Sydney! 💌 everyone here should also check Sydney's awesome product, Pencil! https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
this was love at first sight! I have been using polymail alpha (?) osx and ios for a while and it makes me really satisfied. i am so sorry gmail i think of you with gratitude but i have to move on. kudos to the polymail team! p.s. i hope watchos version is coming soon. https://dribbble.com/shots/24459...
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@bncbgr 💌 thank you so much for the beautiful WatchOS icon design, Bence! ⌚️