Tap into your creativity, produce hit songs from your iPhone

Jambl (formerly known as Polyjamer) is an app that uses algo-rhythmic intuition to help you create awesome beats. You can jam with friends, share your creations, and the founder Gad is a pretty decent rapper 😎

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TBH, I thought I would hate the rap pitch. I was wrong. 💕 I'm a fan of music-making apps. My favorite discovery in the past year is Pacemaker. Downloading Polyjamer now.
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@rrhoover Biggup for the LOVE! would you consider adding us to your music apps list??? https://www.producthunt.com/@rrh... rock on <3
Thank you for the support guys! I can tell you the product is really at its baby pikachu mode right now, we have so much amazing music tech to offer down the road :D Someone asked me how i came up with the Polyjamer technique... So the story is i have been rapping, performing and producing music since 2001. I was always jealous of my friends that could play guitar or drums because they could invent new music live as they were playing their instrument. I set on a journey to find a way to produce music as intuitively and fast as possible, from my head through my hands to peoples ears all in the same moment. I have been experimenting and developing my own techniques as everything in the market was expensive and boring. I used my tools in my live shows with my Elctro-swing band @DirtyHonkers (what what!). When i made the first prototype of the Polyjamer music Algo-Rhythm, i used the trackpad on my macbook, i think i might have played with it for 2 hours straight without noticing the time pass, my mind went into a place i love, a state of flow. A year later i invited friends to a birthday/pizza jam session, we had 4 devices running sounds from Ableton. We played and improvised for 3 hours without stopping (except for pizza). The experience was slightly mind altering, Oxytocin levels were through the roof. That was all the validation i needed. I want to open this door to all the people in the world, and show that musical experience is for everyone! Thanks again <3 Gad
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Holy this flow
This is pretty neat. I love seeing new perspectives on music creation. Modern DAWs provide complexity ad infinitum, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but seeing new ways to introduce people to music creation is always exciting. One thing I might recommend is improving the music in the demo. “Produce hit songs” is a bold claim and should be backed up with some proof showing something close to a hit song could be made with this. It doesn’t need to be as complicated, but simple beat making is a far cry from the complexity of a fully realized piece of music.
Someone put this on my radar and I watched @gad_baruch_hinkis impressive pitch freestyle clip before playing with the app. I've toyed around with Logic before but never had the patience to persist and create an actual track. What's great about Polyjamer is that within a few seconds of playing with the app I had the beginnings of a rhythmic, complex beat. Felt pretty cool channelling my inner Pharrell, I look forward to trying the collaborative features. 😎