Prep your product for internationalisation 🌍

A common problem when internationalising a product is not allowing enough space for the translated text. Polyglot will give you an indication of how much room to allow.

Inspired by the excellent article Design for Internationalisation.

When is the sketch plugin available?
@matthardy If there's interest i'll look into it 😊
@matthardy @mattanddesign How cool are Matt's though?
@matthardy @boogsau haha, the best!
Hey everyone! I'm Matt, the one behind Polyglot. Polyglot was built out of a frustration designing and building products for international audiences. My primary language is English, the company I work for is based in an english speaking location, so as a result the designs we create tend to be in English. That's all well and good until you realise that words can be many times longer when translated into other languages. Type a few words into polyglot and it will translate them into some of the notoriously-hard-to-translate languages and order them from longest to shortest. Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out 😊 https://hellopolyglot.com
This looks amazing. I have couple of questions? How accurate are these translations? And how many languages do you support at the moment?
@kabandisaikia As accurate as the Microsoft Translator API. It'd be hard to say an exact percentage, though it's accurate enough for the expected use case of this app. i.e. you wouldn't use it to actually translate a product, though as a guide for how much room to account for it's pretty good.
Congrats on the launch! Amazing seeing this project come together :)
Awesome product @mattanddesign! As someone who works in video game and app localization I always recommend my clients to leave up to 30% of extra room in their design if they ever plan on going global. This will save you, your translators and your customers a lot of grief. πŸ˜‰