3D polygon modeling finally meets iPad

Created for over 2.5 years, simple app that brings core 3D polygon modeling features to the iPad. Model your mesh with vertices, edges and polygons, use magnitude of 3D operations, keyboard shortcuts and import/export to the industry-standard FBX format.
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For the first time I can create 3D models on iPad and have a full control over mesh, so I can't complain. However, it would be great to have texturing and animations.


simple and clean UI, FBX support, tutorials on Youtube


no textures, subscription based pricing

Thank you Lukasz, our plan is to constantly evolve, so textures and Apple Pencil support is definately coming!

I have been watching this app's rise for some time now and you guys did a really good job. Works like a charm.


UI, FBX, free 3D models, Sketchfab integration


more free models pls

Hi, Krzysztof, thanks for your feedback! Nice to see our beta tester here! We're pretty sure the section with free models will be growing along with our community. Don't forget that as a 3D modeler, you can also create a free pack and share it with others. 😉

Beta tester. I have a lot of fun with the app. Youtube tutorials are very helpful at start.


Touch friendly UI, easy to learn, short time from start to finish a model


I hope they will provide a stock with downloadable models

Thank you Piotr! On our website we have a section called "FREE 3D MODELS" - at this moment we have 2 packages there (low poly trees and RPG weapons). Over time, we hope to grow this section (including models made by our users). So, you can also contribute with your creations. 😊