A place for musicians to practice and share short tunes

Polychops is a set of tools and a social network for musicians 🎸πŸ₯πŸŽΊ

Our goal is to help musicians get more out of their practice and explore new horizons.

We have put an accent on availability and ease of use. Polychops works in your browser. Everything you make there has a unique URL you can share ❀️

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Hey Hunters, Polychops started as a tool to scratch my own itch. I play bass and I was looking for a simple drum machine to make beats to practice along with. Over time it evolved thanks to the musicians trying it out. Now you can also record a short piece of audio on top of the beat. We have a rudimental social network as well, so people can remix, comment and clap for each other's music ❀️ I would appreciate your feedback about the app as well as your bold suggestions about possible future directions for the platform 😊 Here's a discount code for 42% off of your first payment if you decide to upgrade πŸ™Œ: chop-hunt
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Neat! I JUST finished a game for Lumosity that does Rhythm training along a circular measure like your first example!
@wdelvi Thanks! Didn't know Lumosity has Rhythm training, have to check it out!