The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world

#5 Product of the DayMay 26, 2017

Poloniex is an online platform for secure asset exchange. It provides customers with analysis tools and a high level of security.

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What is Poloniex doing here? i thought producthunt was for new products.. Dear Poloniex guys first focus on giving a better support then do some marketing
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@cristiandav it hasn't been featured on PH, so it is a new product in that sense.
@cristiandav I been using it for a while.
Poloniex is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with 24 hour volumes around $880MM every day. They have dozens of trading pairs available, in addition to margin trading and a suite of trading tools. Worth checking out if you're interested in trading crypto, but be careful: do not store your coins in an exchange for a long period of time. You're far more secure leaving them in an offline or mobile wallet.
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@nickabouzeid are you related somehow to Poloniex? If you do, I'd like to discuss several questions with you
Anybody know how does this compare to Kraken?
@peedutuisk poloniex only handles cryptocurrency, you won't find any fiat money there
@peedutuisk More alts on Polo. All exchanges have their issues. Kraken's downtime is maddening, but their acquisition of Cryptowatch improved their interface 100x.
@peedutuisk I'm trying to switch away from kraken.com because I have some issues with their service. First of all their support is very good, so no problems there. However there site is oftentimes unavailable, has limited amounts of alt coin and the trading interface is confusing. That said, poloniex offers a huge number of altcoins, however there are only a limited amount of trading options. You can't use trailing stops for example. Which is very useful if you don't want to loose money. But the volatile nature of alt coins makes poloniex a very fun tool to use. You can log in multiple times a day and see coins that make 100% profit or loss in a few hours.
@kaibakker exactly 👍
Although one of the biggest exchanges out there, offering a nice variety of currencies and markets to exchange value on, I wouldn't recommend Poloniex at all - and I really don't see any point on hunting this.
@alexstrafalogea I hunted it because it's never been hunted before & given the recent developments in the crypto space, it's good to educate those interested in crypto about some of the bigger companies in the space. That's all! 😅
@alexstrafalogea If you're looking for alternatives to exchanging your crypto, try checking us out at nexchange.io
I signed up with Poloniex last week because I wanted to transfer some siacoin to Sia (also on Producthunt). My siacoin disappeared. Poloniex says the transfer is completed, but the transfer never happened. I'm not the only one. There are many, many disgruntled users on Sia's support group, all in the same situation, receiving zero response from Poloniex. I've removed all of my assets from the site. Some are calling scam. I don't think it is, but I do think they are grossly incompetent and not to be trusted with anyone's money.