Create simple, anonymous, social polls in an instant

With Pollster, you can create and share simple, instant, anonymous social polls to seek and share opinions based on common interests from people all over the world for free.

Post polls publicly based on common interest or privately within a group of people who follow each other. It's noise free, troll free and less boring.

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Hello 👋 everyone! We built Pollster as a simple and anonymous way of seeking and sharing opinions through polls based on interests like art, entertainment, politics among others. A lot of focus went into privacy because privacy is important to many given the recent social media issues. Privacy is important to us so we designed Pollster around that idea. For example, you cannot see fellow Pollster's sensitive information except their profile picture and name in the poll feed or you can’t create private polls if two or more people don’t follow each other and not just one way. Anonymity is equally important to us (to avoid trolling and bullying) so when you vote in a poll, your participation is anonymous. No pollster can see who voted or how they voted. I hope you will give this a try and share with others. Please feel free to ask any questions and give any feedback. 🙏
Congrats on the launch 🎉 Love the poll discovery!
Cool, might want to consider leveraging blockchain in the future to store the votes.