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Javier Dávila
Yancy Haq
  • Javier Dávila
    Javier DávilaCDM, LAM Inc.

    Fun, useful and simple


    can’t share my polls with friends

    pretty simple and fun, I think that would be great to have a premium version for private polls and share with friends

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Inam Haq
Inam HaqMaker@haqinam · Mobile Enterprise Tech
Last week we had an idea at Corpa after we finished testing an instant poll feature for Corpa News Feed. This idea grew into a project and I took 2 of our top engineers who shared the love for the idea to work on it and we achieved the impossible. From idea to launch it took us 5 days and today I am proud to introduce Pollster. Please do check us out and try our app. Send us feedback and suggestions. Thank you!
@haqinam I can't seem to view the response of my own recently ended poll. I know you can view a poll's results after contributing to the poll, but I didn't think I would have had to participate myself to view the results. Is there a summary email I should have received?
Inam Haq
Inam HaqMaker@haqinam · Mobile Enterprise Tech
@_mgdo That’s correct. You do have to participate yourself to see the results as well at the moment. This is likely going to change in the future when we have My Polls. Coming in the next update! As far as emailing summary is concerned we don’t do that but looks like something we could implement if more people would like that. Sometimes less noise is better. Thank you for pointing this out.
@haqinam thanks for the update! I look forward to future updates!
Inam Haq
Inam HaqMaker@haqinam · Mobile Enterprise Tech
Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Last week we did something crazy and released an iOS app we built and shipped in 5 days. We received an overwhelming response and couldn't be luckier. First of all I would like to thank everyone for their support especially people at Product Hunt & @rrhoover in particular for creating a platform that allows us to showcase our work to everyone out there no matter how small or big the impact may be. We have been working on some new features that were requested by Pollsters across the board. I am happy to pre-announce the top requested feature, "private polls" among other tiny little things. Here is the full overview of what's coming in the next update (v1.2) tomorrow if all goes well with the App Store Review: ● Private Polls: With private polls create polls to share with a group of people who follow (now you can follow people, more on that below) you on Pollster (friends, family, team etc). So from simple things like which movie to watch to any dilemma you may face polls are the best way to get it all sorted. It's private, anonymous and noise free. You will see a "private" label at the bottom of the poll that's private. ● My Polls: Go to profile by tapping on your profile picture and you will now be able to view polls that you posted by tapping on "My Polls". ● Follow Pollsters: You can now follow fellow pollsters by tapping on their profile picture and "Follow". ● Liked Polls Filter: You can view your liked polls by tapping on the "heart" icon at the top. This is a great way to come back to polls that you are deeply interested to follow till the end and don't want to infinite scroll the main poll feed. ● Push Notifications: Now you will get a push notification whenever a new poll is created in the interest you follow. Thank you again for your continued support and we truly appreciate it! Please send us suggestions, feedback or ask questions (hello@pollsterhq.com) so we can make Pollster the best to seek and share opinions through polls without noise or troll. And don't forget to update your app and invite your friends and family to try us out. 😀
Inam Haq
Inam HaqMaker@haqinam · Mobile Enterprise Tech