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Polls.io is something I worked on with @zacharycollins a couple years ago. It ended up being featured on TNW and numerous education blogs. While neither of us are the current owners of the site, I still think it's a great resource and remains an extremely easy (and free!) way to quickly poll an audience.
neat! reminds me of wedgies. www.wedgies.com
@eriktorenberg I love wedgies ! to be honest for me is important the integration and embedding on social media platforms
@rrhoover Not requiring sign up or accounts was a key reason for the early success of the site. A lot of teachers used it to quickly ask students a question in the classroom. There were a lot of things I wanted to do with the site but 1) it would have taken away from the simplicity & 2) I'm not technical so it would have taken longer to get them done.