Polls for LinkedIn

Create, view, and answer polls on LinkedIn

Polls for LinkedIn enables users to create, view, and answer polls on LinkedIn. B2B market research shouldn't be this hard and expensive in 2019. This Chrome extension democratizes access to high quality data.
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Hi all, thanks for hunting us @kevin! 🚀 Our Mission 🚀 Our mission at Pulse is to democratize access to data. As a founder/PM (Cooliris and Capriza), I’ve found it incredibly time-consuming and expensive to get credible data and feedback from a specific audience. 🐴Alternatives 🐴 • Twitter Polls rely on followers. Most users don’t have enough followers, nor does Twitter let you filter ‘who’ the data is coming from; • SurveyMonkey/Google Forms rely on users getting the data from their own network or paying $$$ for surveys, which is difficult for many to do at scale / repeatedly. Additionally, just monetary motivations for users also often leads to poor data quality. 🦄How we're different 🦄 We created Polls for LinkedIn (and Pulse) to enable anyone to get on-demand insights, opinions, and sentiments from the right audience to drive their decisions. 🏋️‍♀️ How it works 🏋️‍♀️ • Polls for LinkedIn enables users to create polls and post them on LinkedIn; • Their LinkedIn network can then instantly answer the poll (most professionals have more connections on LinkedIn than Twitter); • The main motivation for users is the knowledge they instantly gain, not a chance to win a steak dinner; • The user can then (on pulse.qa) filter the data by job title, industry, geography, and company size to glean the right insights. Note: While users can see the participants, individual responses remain hidden. 💰How we make money 💰 We monetize by enabling companies to run sponsored surveys against our community. We share the revenue as well as the data from the survey back with the users who participate. We’d love to learn from your feedback and thoughts, as well as answer any questions as they come up! PS: we may have gone overboard on the emojis...
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Congratulations! This is a really neat product. Is there anyway to get a poll to display within LinkedIn Groups? Currently just shows a link. This would be a really awesome feature if possible?
@christopher_elliott2 Thanks Christopher! Great feedback. We'll work on enabling that as well as part of upcoming updates. Please keep the feedback coming. :)
Nice platform to collect data !
@mikedane7 Thanks Mike! Appreciate it and look forward to your feedback on how we can improve the experience.
Enjoyed using it. Was about time we had polls for LI tbh.
@mashal agreed! Thanks for trying it out
This is excellent! I’ve definitely enjoyed using it and highly recommend it for sure!
@heyitsakay Thank you Arsh