Unlimited polls, free forever
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Group Decisions Made Easy. Create polls, vote, and view the results directly in iMessage
Whether you’re picking a lunch spot or making Friday night plans, Polls for iMessage makes coordinating easier than ever
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1 Review5.0/5
Love this! Definitely introducing to all of my group chats where no one can make a decision!
@conrad_ehing thanks so much for the kind words! Disclaimer that the version in the store (1.0) looks like the last 6 screenshots. The video and first 3 screenshots are for our new version (2.0) that is coming out shortly. Let me know if you'd like early access
@conrad_ehing @jeffhanna I would like early access if possible
@conrad_ehing @zach_mcnaughtan sure thing, you're on my list. Apple has a bug, can't release iMessage app on TestFlight right now, they're aware. Once resolved I'll send a download link
@conrad_ehing got it, will ping you here when the beta is live
Is there a way to see who voted for what overall?