Polls and Surveys to figure out why users leave

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Simon NewsteadMaker@simonhk · @polljoy and @frenzoo co-founder
Hey thanks for sharing. I'm Simon, one of the two co-founders, we built this to scratch our own itch as game and app devs. Looking forward to the awesome feedback from the community..
Kevin LiHunter@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
@simonhk this looks awesome! What was the motivation for building polljoy?
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@simonhk do you feel polls and surveys are the most accurate way to learn how people use the service? is there a fear that people either 1) aren't brutally honest or, worse, 2) aren't great at understanding why they leave?
Simon NewsteadMaker@simonhk · @polljoy and @frenzoo co-founder
@liveink We built it to scratch our own itch - too often in my games business (frenzoo) we would be stuck trying to figure out what users dropped off at various points of the funnel, or what kept them sticking around. And in our messaging app for families where we had lots of dropout before they connected to another side, and didn't know for sure why. So we just had a brainwave to "ask them what was frustrating them" and then it came together (well after many months of hard work in dev and bug fixing lol)
Simon NewsteadMaker@simonhk · @polljoy and @frenzoo co-founder
@eriktorenberg Hey Erik! Well there is definitely a skill to asking questions without leading them to any answers. Just like in a focus group knowing how to remain neutral when soliciting feedback. Usually we find users have the best success with short sharp multiple choice questions like: "What's frustrating you in this level right now?" For these types of questions we see answer rates up in the 70% range which is extremely high (badly written or annoying questions can go as low as 20%) Users like to give feedback if it's: easy. fast. fun. We also find that making the poll as native as possible so it just looks like part of the app or game helps as well.
Simon NewsteadMaker@simonhk · @polljoy and @frenzoo co-founder
@liveink you've done both apps and games, what's your take on how the different devs would view this? Any gotchas?