Pollenize America 2016

Your guide to the 2016 United States Presidential Election

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Hey, I'm a project and marketing manager at Pollenize. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit, apolitical organization. We created Pollenize America 2016 to provide people with accurate information on the current Presidential Election. Information in mainstream media is often unclear, sparse, and riddled with political rhetoric and jargon. We cut through the noise and bring you the most clear, to-the-point information about topics that really matter. We hope you enjoy using Pollenize, and please, let us know what you think!
@thevoyager3 I remember Pollenize for the 42nd General Election in Canada. Pretty slick! One thing you might want to check out is your misconfigured SSL cert for https://pollenize.org/america. Also, maybe you should just simplify it to Clinton and Trump now? Looking forward to seeing what you're up to! I'm working on an election project myself, for the 2017 British Columbia election so I'd be interested in talking further.
This is beautiful and deserves more love on here. Every voter, no matter who they support, should check this out.
@andrewmettinger thanks! Appreciate your support.
We will need the same here in France next year ! Such a great idea! (and nice design btw)
@imromains we'll keep that in mind ;) thanks for the support!