Political Run

The hottest multiplayer trivia app of the campaign season.

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Brian A
Brian AMaker@gtownhoyafan · App Developer
Hi All, I am bit newer to Product Hunt and very excited to have my most recent app listed! Political Run was something I thought of making over 2 years ago and has been in development for over 8 months. I wanted to create something that brought the fun back into politics and allowed users to support their candidate while challenging their friends to a game of trivia. There are 5 different trivia categories that contain a mix of easy and challenging questions that entertain and educate. We have added in some political flair with our campaign themed push notifications as well. With the primary season right around the corner, we hope you enjoy the game! A little about myself. I have been creating games for the App Store and Google Play for almost 4 years now. I have created just over 30 games in that timeframe, including the very popular Spermy's Journey. I am a father of 2 amazing daughters and live in the wonderful state of Massachusetts.
Sherri B
Sherri B@sherrilee7
I downloaded this. I love politics and the trivia questions are a ton of fun. I wish I could play a little longer without having to wait 15 minutes though. Great game!
Brian A
Brian AMaker@gtownhoyafan · App Developer
Hi Sherri, happy to hear you are enjoying the game. There is a paid version of the game where you don't have to wait the 15 minutes and you can play an unlimited number of games at a time. This is also an ad free version. If you purchase you can use your same login details and all your games will be available in the paid version. Stay tuned as we are also working on a Super Tuesday mode! More about that in the next week.