Political Prank

Send your friends or enemies a political prank text blast!

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Hey guys! With April Fools Day right around the corner, we built a quick pranking product - Political Prank! For a small fee, send a block of texts to someone who potentially hates one of the candidates!
Some of our epic quotes we've gotten in responses to pranks: “Trump is what you get when you mix cheeto dust with a mix bag of animal feces” "I'd rather be thrown into a vat of boiling lava while ants consume my eyeballs than cast my vote from Trump but you know thanks for checking" "I carry a gun and think the current law is fine" "Someone is delusional" See more at: https://www.politicalprank.com
Why do you take credit cards but the site is not https? You're sending all the information - including credit card info - in plain text.
@justjon Since we're using Stripe, we're only passing the variables through their system, not ours. Only the Stripe token is used in our system.
@justjon Just wanted to give you an update. In lieu of your concern, and I would assume others, we have implemented SSL security now. Happy Pranking!