Automatically silence your phone during calendar events

With Polite, your phone will automatically go into silent mode (or vibrate mode) at the right times. You can choose specific times in your weekly schedule to automatically enter silent mode. You can also have your phone enter silent mode during calendar events in your calendar app.

This is such a cool app. It automatically silences your phone during calendar events with keywords you set ahead of time. So for example, if you choose "meeting" the next time you have "Developer meeting" or "Meeting with manager" or even "💩 meeting" in your calendar it'll automatically silence your phone during the event. 🔇🙅📈
@gabriel__lewis That's pretty cool. I'd like to see an iOS version though!
Thanks for checking out my first android app! I'd love to hear your comments.
@camsteffen Where did you get the idea for this app?
@gabriel__lewis To me, the idea of silencing your phone during calendar events based on keywords just makes sense. Obviously I want my phone to be quiet during a "meeting" on my calendar, and my phone should be able to apply the same logic. If you already have your schedule on your phone, then Polite is just one small step towards making your phone a lot smarter (and...politer?). When I first thought of the idea, I searched around for existing apps that do this and I did find a few (so I can't really take credit for an original idea). However, none of them are designed very well, at least in my opinion. So I set out to improve on the idea. Polite conforms to Material Design for a sleek look with a focus on simplicity. Also it is the first app of its kind capable of creating multiple rules for more fine-tuned control (after donating). It is the perfect solution for silencing your phone during classes in a haphazard college schedule. That's what I use it for.
this was an OG feature built into Windows Mobile, although that didn't take a keyword approach so wasn't useful if you had all day appointments or a few other common calendaring situations.
@jonprice Android Marshmallow also came with a built in feature to silence your phone during calendar events, but it is all or nothing.
also, why haven't any Android phones had a ring/silent hardware switch like Treo or iPhone?
@jonprice good question. Maybe Apple has a patent.