An app to revolutionize door to door outreach

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Hi Product Hunters! This is Kendall, the CEO of Polis. As you can see, our software platform helps organizations go door-to-door to facilitate in-person interactions. Because consumers today are bombarded with impersonal ads, relationship-based sales methods such as door-to-door have never been more effective. We used to work only in politics (we worked with 109 campaigns in 2016), but we are rolling out our enterprise version today for solar/security/energy/telecoms/etc. Happy to answer questions today about it- would love to hear what you think.
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@kendallhtucker Woe! I remember you telling me about this a few years ago in Grendel's Den in Harvard. Was it with Mario? Anyway, great to see how far it's come. Congrats!
@marsh Thanks Marshall! It's been ages. We should catch up some time!
@kendallhtucker Very nice application. Congrats on the enterprise launch
Hey Kendall this is awesome! How does Polis determine which doors to knock?
@derek_t_lo Thanks Derek! We work with a bunch of different data sources to advise our clients on which doors to knock (propensity to buy, expressed online interest, connections with current customers, etc.) but ultimately the sales managers decide from that who they want to contact.
@kendallhtucker Got it, very cool. Thanks!
Congrats, Kendall! Polis undoubtedly has a bright future with political campaigns and enterprises alike. Can't wait to watch it grow!
Love the idea... One question though, what are you doing to protect users' privacy? Can they 'unsubscribe' their house/apartment from your entire platform 1 time / easily?
@exlemor Great question, Emmanuel! That's one of the reasons why it's so important to have an app instead of using paper or excel (which a lot of organizations still do). We track whether people do not like having their door knocked on and advise organizations not to go back to those doors. It's a win-win for people and orgs, because people don't get bothered if it makes them uncomfortable and organizations have higher ROIs because they knock on doors where they are most likely to be successful.
@exlemor I'll echo Kendall's sentiment that this is a great question, as I think it gets to core of what we're looking to accomplish at Polis. Our goal is to help canvassing teams get the most out of their available resources by automating their logistics, and helping to facilitate high-quality, in-person interactions. That means directing teams to focus on knocking on the doors most likely to result in a conversion. If we've found in the past someone would prefer to not be engaged via door-to-door outreach, then we make that recommend to our customers.
Hi! Where was this a few years ago when I spent entire summers sweating all over my clipboard and raggedy-looking paper door lists?! :) My last campaign the Dems finally had a mobile app that worked sort of okay, if sort of okay is akin to sending your friends messages on AIM today. Quick question re: data... in addition to the enterprise tools you mentioned, do you also incorporate political canvassing lists from VAN-NGP and/or from local list companies? Thanks for building and sharing a badly-needed app! Best of luck!
@andym_dc NGP-VAN is a fairly closed echo system, so we cannot offer direct integrations with their platform. However, we do allow customers to upload lists of contacts, and download the results of the interactions they've had in their canvassing efforts. Our system keeps track of third-party contact identifiers, so it's definitely possible to download a list of contacts from VAN. You can then, simply, upload a file from NGP-VAN in to Polis, knock some doors, download the results into a CSV, and then upload that file into NGP-VAN.