Easy and scalable door-to-door voter outreach

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Had a great conversation with @kendallhtucker this past week about Polis. She and her team really know their stuff; excited to see future improvements and watch this team keep iterating on an already fantastic product
On the site it says sign up for early access but it seems the app is available to download...
@bentossell Yup! The app is available for download for the canvassers of campaigns/non-profits that are using our app with early access. We also have demo credentials if unregistered users want to learn more about the app/mess around with it. Feel free to DM me for those.
Excellent concept! I can't wait to try a demo! πŸ’―πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Can be useful for many areas of marketing in addition to polling, would recommend for many types of business.


great for polling on a map


extra work to use the app over writing

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