Policy Highlights

Auto highlight vital keywords when browsing privacy & terms.

Vital keywords will be highlighted automatically as you browse the web and visit policy related pages. Quickly focus on & read important sections in Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, Cookie Policies, Disclosure Policies, Code of Conduct, and more!
Like me, you probably ignored a websites privacy policy and terms of service. I clicked "I accept" and moved on. But as the number of data breaches increased so did my concern for privacy, so I started to care. I tried to take a minute to read and understand each privacy policy or terms of service, but there where too many words to skim through. As part of a privacy project called WeArePrivacy, I started working on an open-source tool to automatically highlight important keywords and action words in policy documents. Hovering over each highlighted word told you what you can expect in that section. The tool has improved my readability of every privacy policy and terms of service I read from now on. If you care about your privacy, this tool will increase your productivity and allows you to better understand policies. I would love your feedback so I can continue to improve this tool.
this is really helpful for someone who cares about digital privacy. will check this out
@freddiellow Would appreciate your feedback once you had a chance to check it out. Hopefully it will be useful. Thanks