Polestar 2

Polestar's first all electric vehicle

The Polestar 2 is an avant-garde 5-door fastback, packed with distinctive design flourishes. A hollow, hexagonal gear shifter with an illuminated Polestar in the centre. Rear lights which stretch the entire width of the car.

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Beautiful looking car! Excited to see how this can compete with the likes of tesla
@aaronoleary Can't say I'd call this "beautiful". Looks like a fairly generic Chevrolet, to be honest.
@joshuapinter Beauty is subjective, I also think generic Chevrolets are beautiful, as are busted up old pick up trucks
@aaronoleary agreed, outside and inside.. - did anyone catch the performance specs? i kinda fell asleep for most of this video lol.. presenter didn't really 'work' for me like say musk does when he is on stage.. btw. is his yellow jacket vegan also ?
@aaronoleary 300w/660Nm (408hp ) .. but its heavy as so.. https://youtu.be/-kDCUBuWZ6w?t=2508
@Polestar What's the Nürburgring lap time?
I'm pretty sure Polestar 1 was $150k+. Any word on how much Polestar 2 will be?
@kraftykyle It's going to be $45,400 according to CNBC, major change in pricing strategy if . this is true
Not a great looking car, is it?
Finally a car that has android build in the IVI. Really surprised this hasn't been done sooner by auto manufactures.
How can this compete with tesla by copying it ?
@shwe_hlaing How is it "copying" Tesla?