Automatically track your journeys on a stunning map

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Hey guys! I'm Koen, one of the founders of Polarsteps. We're 4 enthusiastic adventurers with a passion for travel, design and code. The first idea for Polarsteps came from our co-founder Niek, who made a transatlantic sailing trip from France to the Carribean a few years ago. He took a GPS-device with him to track his route and published updates on a website by sending his coordinates to a server through a satellite phone. His site went viral among backpackers and overlanders, who all loved the concept of telling your story on a map. Next prototypes were tested on an overland trip from the Netherlands to Mongolia in a Jeep Cherokee and a trip on a motorbike from Amsterdam to Cape Town. Based on the lessons learned we started building a version for general release, which is now in public beta. The core vision – telling travel stories on a beautiful map – always remained the same. For those interested in what the end result looks like, here's a cool trip logged with Polarsteps (Amsterdam to Cape Town on a motorbike): https://www.polarsteps.com/niek/... Looking forward to your feedback on our first beta, and thanks for your votes! :) Koen
Hey @koendroste, maybe you can tell us the story on why you made this?
@emieljanson just did, in the separate comment below! :)
Just wondering if this is a passion project or how you will make money? I take about one big trip a year. I probably would not be willing to pay for my GPS points on a map. That being said, it looks awesome.
This is a cool app! Will definitely keep using this for logging my own upcoming trips. Also, as suggested above, I am very curious how you will be able to get inspired by following/browsing other travelers. Would be a great feature.
Congrats on the release! Great work. Reminds me of this: http://www.nytimes.com/interacti...