Automatically track your journeys on a stunning map

Maria Dias Pinto
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    Beautiful and simple.


    The app could be a bit faster and more responsive.

    This app does what you need it to do, no feature creep or other shenanigans.

Hey guys! I'm Koen, one of the founders of Polarsteps. We're 4 enthusiastic adventurers with a passion for travel, design and code. The first idea for Polarsteps came from our co-founder Niek, who made a transatlantic sailing trip from France to the Carribean a few years ago. He took a GPS-device with him to track his route and published updates on a website by sending his coordinates to a server through a satellite phone. His site went viral among backpackers and overlanders, who all loved the concept of telling your story on a map. Next prototypes were tested on an overland trip from the Netherlands to Mongolia in a Jeep Cherokee and a trip on a motorbike from Amsterdam to Cape Town. Based on the lessons learned we started building a version for general release, which is now in public beta. The core vision – telling travel stories on a beautiful map – always remained the same. For those interested in what the end result looks like, here's a cool trip logged with Polarsteps (Amsterdam to Cape Town on a motorbike): https://www.polarsteps.com/niek/... Looking forward to your feedback on our first beta, and thanks for your votes! :) Koen
Hey @koendroste, maybe you can tell us the story on why you made this?
@emieljanson just did, in the separate comment below! :)
Just wondering if this is a passion project or how you will make money? I take about one big trip a year. I probably would not be willing to pay for my GPS points on a map. That being said, it looks awesome.
This is a cool app! Will definitely keep using this for logging my own upcoming trips. Also, as suggested above, I am very curious how you will be able to get inspired by following/browsing other travelers. Would be a great feature.
Congrats on the release! Great work. Reminds me of this: http://www.nytimes.com/interacti...