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This is a shitty app. Just look for it in the reviews. Please don't share such things on pH. And I see so many upvotes. What is going on guys?
@siddharth_arora1 no, they are very honest: lowest.
@siddharth_arora1 Hey Sid, this was for April Fool's and I think this is indeed getting to the lowest rated travel app.
Is there any plan for an iOS app?
@3raxton On 2018 April 1st we will have Teleport 2.0 released on iOS and Android, you can travel to other planets as well.
@bwang29 I can't wait! 🙌🏻
For those travelers who are budget driven and enjoy planning with little cash. We're excited to announce our new app - Polarr Teleport, an app that helps you cut cost from almost all aspects of your next vacation! Plan your next low budget travel experience with Polarr Teleport. Enjoy competitive pricing on air travel, hotel, and car rentals, while having a peace of mind in sharing your best pictures to friends and families. - Choose any travel destination, Polarr Teleport takes care of the rest. - Hand picked attractions, food and event venues. - Lowest air fair and hotel pricing guaranteed. - Repeat or revisit the same city again at significantly lower cost. Polarr Teleport is created by Polarr. Check out more products at https://www.polarr.co
I'm wondering why there are so many negative reviews 🤔, features are really interesting
@csaba_kissi Thanks for understanding!
Yeh.. the last image on their App Store pictures says "London UK", and it's of some random mountain. That is not London.
@ashtube Hey Ashley, thanks for finding that out! the sample photo is for illustration purpose only and the acutual app uses location and flickr API to query photos from actual places.