Polarr 3.0 for iOS

Group selfie facial recognition meets the powerful editor

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Hello Product Hunt! If you are new to Polarr, it is a professional photo editing app that also attempts to train you into a master photographer : ) Since day one, our app is modularized into re-arrangeable panels. We've added masking panels, custom filter panel, tutorial panel, etc in the past. Our 100+ editing adjustments have been well organized into different segments and logical layers. Today we're adding a panel with the biggest tech update ever - a face editing panel that uses multi-face detection + a neural network model for facial feature recognition to edit faces. The app now automatically detects as many faces as possible in one single image, and allows you to target mouths, eyes, lips without manually choosing facial parts. All adjustments are done in realtime at 30FPS, and rendered in parallel with the other panels, including face distortion tools as well! We also believe we're the first app that allows you to edit multiple face in parallel like this, and our neural network model is the smallest among all other apps that attempt to do the same. The whole app is around 30MB downloaded and works offline. We're having a precision issue with faces with glasses and tilted faces now but it will be patched soon in v3.0.1. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy to answer. This version also includes a free filter pack created by the @unsplash community, each individual filter carefully hand tuned by one photographer from @unsplash. Download the app and check it out!
Amazing work as always by the Polarr team. Love this update.
Great stuff! I'm using Polarr all the time on my Chromebook!
This is why I love the Internet