Polaroid Cube

Waterproof, shockproof, 1440p camera for $149

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Awesome product. The accessories are plentiful online. Although, finding the products in a store might be hard find. Overall build quality seems really strong and the video quality is best of class. I am a camera fanatic, and for the cost, I am convinced there is no better option on the market. I guess this is how they're staying competitive nowadays against the likes of GoPro. In any case, definitely rivals GoPro on price, quality seems great to me. I like it.
@jesserank yeah GoPro is pretty much overpriced, it's like the Red Bull of camera's.... Interesting to see if Polaroid can be back in the game.
@jesserank Just picked this up along with the accessories! www.amazon.com/dp/B00TQ2Y8GU
Has anyone used this and the GoPro HERO4 to compare? My instinct would be to go towards to GoPro based on my experience with the HERO4.
@bentossell I have the GoPro Session. Big differences are that the Session is waterproof (Cube requires a separate case), takes 8mp photos (compared to 6mp), can shoot 1080 at up to 60fps and 720p at 100fps (compared to just 30fps), 2 hour battery life (compared to 90 minutes). Session is now priced only $50 more at $199.
@bentossell I've tried the hero. I'm personally a fan of the Cube's lower price point and 1440p quality but Hero4 is clearly the market winner.
@jesserank The Session also films at 1440p. The Session is only $50 more, potentially less if you buy the waterproof case for the Cube.
How fun! So happy to see Polaroid back in the game. I could buy one of these for everyone in my family; sports fanatics to kids, all could capture some sick footage 😛 I'm a fan.
@jacqvon haha would love to see your version of 'sick' footage... we could've used it while we were on our date nights and at the bridge!
Love this product, here is a 3D / VR preview of it: https://sketchfab.com/models/282...
@albn Really cool 3d
Do you ship to India?