Augmented Reality filters for the Earth

POLARIS is an Augmented Reality app to help millennials to learn about the Earth. With a 3D Earth model to let you explore geographical data & trends like climate change, coffee consumption, employment rate, forest loss, renewable and beer consumption, internet speeds, healthcare, CO2 emissions and other 10+ filters.

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Hello Product Hunt! POLARIS was built to help millennials learn more about the Earth. Using filters on an AR Earth globe people can now interact with the Earth in a whole new way! We got filters like peace, climate, healthcare, employment rates, popular social networks worldwide, download speeds, beer consumption, Pokemon Go release map and 12 other filters! We hope it will help people learn about our Earth on their smartphones and create awareness on these trends. This app has been made with ARKit. We are looking to add more filters in upcoming updates. Looking forward to your feedback!
One problem, the earth is flat.... make an option for those who have seen the biggest worldwide lie in modern times. πŸ˜„ Otherwise really awesome product!
@androidlove haha! Thanks for the feedback :)
Just wondering it'd be ever cooler if it showed my current location or city data. Ex: The layers beneath where I'm currently standing :D That'd be a killer AR experience!
@ivivekkm yep, we build this out as a side project. May add geolocation features to it in the future.
@shashwatpradhan As per a side project, it's very well done. I agree with @ivivekkm if we can zoom into a particular/current location to get respective data that would be awesome.
I agree with @kkkosariya for a side project you guys did some serious work here! Nice work developers! :)
This could be really fun :) What are your data sources ?